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Residential Projects

Aspen Trees Bath

Brooklyn, NYC

Residential Projects

Aspen Trees Bath

Jennifer Medoff and Jennifer Jelinek

Michele Baum/ Decorative Materials


In the heart of Brooklyn, New York, a residential bathroom installation has become a captivating homage to the majestic Aspen trees of Colorado. Designed by Allison Eden Studios, the stained glass mosaic tile mural transports viewers to the serene landscapes and vibrant foliage of the Rockies.

Drawing inspiration from the Aspen trees, renowned as one of the world's largest organisms, the mural meticulously mimics their intricate branch structures and rich colors. Each glass tile echoes the natural hues of the Aspen leaves, creating a stunning fall color palette that is both mesmerizing and evocative.

One of the mural's most enchanting features is the umbrae gradation effect, skillfully crafted to capture the essence of a day-to-night transition. As daylight filters through the mosaic, it illuminates the scene with a warm, golden glow reminiscent of a sun-kissed afternoon in the mountains. As evening descends, the skyline transforms, embracing a cooler, dusky tone that mirrors the peaceful twilight hours.

The inclusion of hints of green within the mosaic serves as a nod to the Aspen trees' annual color transformations, a spectacle cherished by all who witness nature's artistry in Colorado. It adds a dynamic element to the mural, symbolizing growth, change, and the enduring beauty of the natural world.

This mosaic masterpiece not only adorns the bathroom with unparalleled beauty but also serves as a testament to the timeless allure and wonder inspired by the Aspen trees—a harmonious blend of art, nature, and human creativity.

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