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Stone Mosaic Collection
Smile White
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May 12, 2024
Stock Stone Mosaic
Smile White, Stone Mosaic, Interlocking, Bianco Dolomite, Thassos, Calacatta Gold, Luxury, Elegant, Sophisticated, Timeless, Versatile, Brooklyn, New York, Kitchen, Bathroom, Backsplash, Feature Wall, High Quality,
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13 15/16" X 10 1/4" X 3/8"
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10 Weeks
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Brooklyn, New York
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Not included
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More about this item
Introducing Smile White Interlocking Stone Mosaic Tile, a luxurious and elegant choice for enhancing your space with timeless beauty. Crafted from a stunning combination of Bianco Dolomite, Thassos, and Calacatta Gold, this stone mosaic tile exudes sophistication and refinement. • Premium Quality Materials: Made from high-quality Bianco Dolomite, Thassos, and Calacatta Gold, this stone mosaic tile offers durability and longevity. Each tile is carefully selected to ensure consistency in color and veining, creating a cohesive and luxurious look. • Interlocking Design: The interlocking design of the Smile White Mosaic Tile allows for easy installation and ensures a seamless finish. Whether you're updating a kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, or creating a stunning feature wall, this interlocking tile provides versatility and flexibility in design. • Timeless Elegance: With its classic white color palette and intricate veining, Smile White Mosaic Tile adds a touch of timeless elegance to any space. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or modern, this stone mosaic tile effortlessly elevates the aesthetic of your room. • Versatile Size: Measuring 13 15/16" X 10 1/4" X 3/8" and weighing 6lbs, Smile White Interlocking Stone Mosaic Tile is suitable for various applications. Its versatile size makes it ideal for both residential and commercial projects. • Ships from Brooklyn, New York: Smile White Interlocking Stone Mosaic Tile is available for purchase and ships from our Brooklyn, New York location. Please note that a lead time of 10 weeks is required for production. • Enhance your space with the timeless elegance of Smile White Interlocking Stone Mosaic Tile. Order now and transform your room into a luxurious retreat.
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20in X 20in: $
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